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During the banquet and grand celebration, some exciting games were held that were thoroughly enjoyed by not only Zebo and King Lem, but the whole tribe. Their first was a three-legged race that Zebo ran with his dad. He kept falling and laughing and enjoyed it all the way. Then there was a stick-throwing contest and a rock-throwing contest that resembled some of the current sports events. But the most exciting contest was a floating contest, where Donny Dill floated for 1 hour and 45 minutes, a Bronto world record at the time.
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The Purple Bronto: Moral Stories for Children

But that was not all. King Lem wanted Zebo to experience the fun things that his dad had shown him...like fishing, the king's favorite sport. Zebo really enjoyed fishing and hoped his dad would take him to the lake again. There were other things, like rock skipping across the pond. But Zebo tried something completely new, hitting a rock with a stick. Centuries later a very popular pastime and new game was discovered that was very similar.

Zebo continued his journey and tried to learn new things and had hope that he finally would be accepted by the children and the tribe.
The father also showed Zebo the ominous jungle and warned him not to go in there without him.

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