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We are introducing an exciting new children's book, "The Purple Bronto," for ages 3 to 12. The story begins when a childless couple, the king and queen of a Bronto tribe, discover a new baby in a valley near their home. They name him Zebo. Now their lives are filled with joy, except the baby has a strange appearance. He is purple. When he grows older he is not accepted by the tribe and their children. The children ignore him when Zebo walks to school and the child is heartbroken. Because of his appearance and the young Bronto's
sadness, the king and queen want to help the young Bronto. What can we do? There must be a solution.

The king and queen decide to throw a grand celebration with a great banquet followed by some exciting games to introduce him to all the tribe. The tribe is thrilled and loves the grand event and hopes the king will make the event a tradition to be held every year. The king felt, "Now the tribe and their children will certainly accept our child." But did it happen or was Zebo somehow left to solve his own problem? The following events take an amazing turn and Zebo's life is never the same.

This new addition to dinosaur books for kids provides an imaginative setting and entertaining characters that children can easily connect with. Author George Abels deftly incorporates important moral stories for children while engaging them in the tale of Zebo's adventures. An exciting read for children of any age, "The Purple Bronto" stands out as a must-have among dinosaur childrens books.
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